To cultivate a high performance environment that develops students who possess the integrity and confidence to achieve at the highest level. Utilizing an individualized, comprehensive coaching system with each student and integrating cutting edge coaching techniques, we will provide them with the highest level of clarity, motivation and support to reach their individual goals while preparing them for a great college experience. The environment students are immersed in will provide a platform for them to learn the principles of high performance that can be applied to golf and life.

We are committed to keeping the student to coach ratio extremely low to guarantee that each student can have access to the necessary one to one coaching that we agree necessary in their individual development plan.

We are driven to provide a home facility that allows the students a course that is extremely accessible, while taking into account transportation (to and from) and tee time availability. The facility must also provide a host environment that fulfils all the performance factors required for each student to develop their game to a high level. Our current choice, West Orange CC, offers both criteria when it comes to accessibility and a golf course that challenges the students on a daily basis.

Students will participate on course in numerous competitive games that will develop their skills to score under the perceived pressures experienced in tournament play. On course skills tests and challenges will also play a large role in developing each students art of scoring. Students will be supported in on course sessions by the coaches providing them with the individualized feedback they need to develop this area.

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